Should You Practice Singing? What If You're Practicing the Wrong Way? How Would You Know?

To practice or not to practice?
What if you practice and you’re doing it the wrong way? What if it becomes a bad habit?
Is it better not to practice? But how would you get better if you don’t practice?
This is a common concern of a lot of beginner singers.
And this is what I’ll say to you:
As a beginner, it’s better if you practice the wrong way than not practicing at all.
Of course, the ideal situation is if you can practice the...
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How to Handle Criticism of Your Singing Voice - Story and 3-Step Process


Recently, I posted a 1-min video of me singing on Instagram.
I was pretty happy with my performance. I also got positive feedback from my followers.
So, I decided to take it one step further. I paid a channel to showcase my video.
I woke up the next day and checked my Instagram. Instead of raving reviews, I got some nasty comments.
Immediately, I felt my throat getting tight. Insecurities started to creep in.
Why were they saying those things?
I decided to...

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