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Are You Singing Too Softly?

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“You’re singing too softly”
“Sing louder!”
Has anyone ever said that to you?
Probably not if you are a low voice.
But if you are a high voice, you’ve probably heard that before.
Should you be singing loudly?
Well, volume is not usually our main goal when singing.
It’s usually a side effect.
Your voice is louder when you:
  • Sing higher
  • Sing with proper resonance
  • Intentionally make it louder for emotional effect
If you are a low voice type (alto/bass/baritone), your voice is naturally loud.
If you are a high voice type (soprano/tenor), your voice is naturally soft and breathy.
No matter what voice type you are, you never want to sing loudly just for the sake of it.
Half of my private students are low voices. They usually push with their breath too hard - making them sound pressed and overly loud.
They had a lot of bad habits that had to be undone. Otherwise, they risked hurting their voice.
The high voice types usually sing softly and that’s perfectly fine.
If you are a high voice, when your fundamental vocal technique is developed, you can learn to make your voice louder without pushing with the breath or tensing up the throat.
If you have a naturally soft voice, you have my permission to sing softly while learning the correct vocal technique.
The open throat concept is a great way to build a solid foundation. It is covered in depth in this free training package.
It will let you project your voice by using space in your mouth and throat instead of pushing with your breath too hard.
Take care of your voice and it will last you a lifetime.

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