Attention: Shower Singer

Discover the Secrets to Help You Gain Control of Your Voice, Sing With Courage and Confidence in Front of People So You Can Finally Be Proud of Your Singing Voice

(It Works Even If You Only Sing in the Shower and You Don't Like the Sound of Your Voice)


Go From Shower to Stage

Hi, I'm Benny Ng!


I'm a rock vocalist, songwriter and singing teacher.

I have 4 university degrees in music.

Since 2011, I've helped hundreds of singers sing with confidence.

I struggled with singing when I first started.

After years of training, research and trial-and-error, I finally gained control of my voice, overcame my performance anxiety and can now sing (and scream) with confidence.

Mikaya T

Benny has been a big help… me gaining confidence in my voice improve my abilities to sing better and also learn the fundamentals and basics of singing

Eddie G

It was easy to be frustrated with my mistakes… when I couldn’t do a certain thing with my voice… Benny certainly made it way, way easier…

Skye I

I've always wanted to learn to sing with my guitar but I didn’t know where to start… Benny has made me more confident... perfect place to start


 Discover the 3-step system to gain control of your voice and sing with confidence in public (even if you only ever sing in the shower) 

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