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Should You Practice Singing? What If You're Practicing the Wrong Way? How Would You Know?

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To practice or not to practice?
What if you practice and you’re doing it the wrong way? What if it becomes a bad habit?
Is it better not to practice? But how would you get better if you don’t practice?
This is a common concern of a lot of beginner singers.
And this is what I’ll say to you:
As a beginner, it’s better if you practice the wrong way than not practicing at all.
Of course, the ideal situation is if you can practice the right way all the time.
If you’re a beginner, that is not likely to happen for you.
You’ll make lots of mistakes and (hopefully) get corrected when you attend your weekly singing lesson.
That is how you’ll improve.
You’re at a stage of your singing journey where making mistakes is how you’ll get better.
If you’re afraid of doing it wrongly and you don’t practice, you’ll won’t be building muscle memory for the foundational vocal technique.
Building muscle memory is super important at this stage. Even if they end up to be the wrong one.
When you get timely and accurate feedback from your vocal coach, you’ll then fine tune those muscle memory.
However, if the muscle memory is not already there, then there’s nothing to fine tune. You’ll stay at your current level of abilities instead of improving.
Over time, as you get to know your instrument better, you’ll make fewer mistakes.
As your self monitoring system improves, so will your ability to correct your mistakes yourself.
That is why it is so important to develop your self monitoring system. It basically means getting better at recognizing the sensations that you feel when you’re making a sound/executing a technique.
Keep up your practice! Trial and error is how you’ll improve your singing and become a confident singer.
If you don’t have the time or space/privacy to practice, have a look at this article for solutions.

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