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Setting goals and making action plans to fast track your singing

Setting Goals and Making Action Plans to Fast Track Your Singing

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If you want to gain singing confidence, whether it’s singing better for yourself or singing in front of people - you need to set goals.

At the start of the year, I started to set goals for all of my private students.

Whether they were 6 or 63... I helped them set yearly goals and 12-week plans to achieve them.

For many of them, it’s been 12 weeks since we set our goals.

 Amazing things have happened. 

 Almost all of them achieved their 12-week milestones.

 And their singing has improved dramatically as a result.

You see, by setting yearly goals, they had clarity and purpose when it came to singing. 

And by breaking down their action plan into 12-week chunks, the plan became more manageable.

When the 12-week milestones were achieved they were even more motivated to achieve their yearly goals.


Try this for your singing today:

  1. Set one or two goals that you’d like to achieve for your singing this year
  2. Make a 12-week plan to move you closer to your yearly goals
  3. Set milestone goals to be achieved by the end of each 12-week period

Another important factor to my students’ success was how and when they practiced singing. 

This is something that I share in Singing Confidence Academy but I'll tell you a quick version of it.

For the next 4 weeks:

  1. Decide how many times you’re going to practice each week
  2. Set the days and time for your practice sessions
  3. Decide what you’re going to do during your practice sessions
  4. When the time comes, drop everything, follow your plan and practice!

If you're worried about practicing the wrong way, here's what to do instead.


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