How to Sing With Confidence in Front of People - in Weeks (Not Years) - Without Spending Money on Singing Lessons or Singing in Front of a Vocal Coach

Are you a beginner singer?


Do you like to sing but just can't get your voice to sound good?


Don't know what you're doing wrong or how to fix it?


Do you only sing when you're alone or in the shower?


Would you like to have the courage and confidence to sing in front of other people one day?

Have you been...

  • Trying a bunch of random vocal exercises and not getting the results you want?
  • Watching YouTube videos but only got more confused by different coaches saying different things?
  • Trying to learn singing on your own but just not getting anywhere?
  • Singing without any vocal training and getting sore quickly/losing your voice from time to time?
  • Working on your singing skills but have performance anxiety/self consciousness that affects your voice?

The Reasons Why You Struggled


  • There’s so much information out there. It can get confusing and overwhelming
  • You don't know if you have the talent to sing
  • Your voice is deeply connected to your psyche. When people criticize your singing voice, you feel like there’s something wrong with you as a person
  • Your voice is inside your body, you can’t see or touch it. So, it’s very hard for you to learn to control it. I mean, imagine learning to play the piano in the dark… while standing 5 feet away from it

This is For You If:

  • You're a beginner/intermediate singer (doesn't matter whether you've had vocal training before)
  • You'd like to become a confident singer

Having good vocal technique won't make you a confident singer unless you also work on your 'inner game'...


To sing with confidence in front of people, you need to work on 2 things:

  1. Fundamental vocal techniques
  2. Inner game of singing


Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Benny Ng, founder of Top Singing Secrets.

I'm a rock singer, songwriter and I've released music under my artist name, Shadowary.

I've been teaching singing lessons for over 13 years. I have 4 university degrees in music. I graduated from the renowned Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Grad Dip in Vocal Pedagogy (for teaching singing).

I'm a member of APRA/AMCOS Australia, and an accredited teacher of NESA, NSW Australia.

How Did I Get Here?


I grew up in Malaysia. I’d always had this urge to express my emotions and be creative. I felt like singing and writing songs were my calling in life. I came to Australia to pursue my dream of becoming a professional rock musician. I wanted to sing and scream like my idol, Chester Bennington (from Linkin Park).

After arriving in Australia, I had culture shock. I missed my family and the comforts of home. The learning curve was steep because I didn’t get a formal musical education in high school (music wasn’t part of the school curriculum). I constantly fell behind my classmates.

They studied music from a very young age and were accomplished performers. I got negative feedback for my performance assessments. I was literally a beginner. I felt inferior.

After graduating, I still didn’t feel equipped to be a rock vocalist. So, I did lots of research into how the voice works and even finished another postgraduate music degree. I still couldn’t do metal screams without coughing and straining. I was frustrated and didn’t know what to do.

One day, I read a research article on performance anxiety and how it affected singers. Intrigued, I went to the library and borrowed books on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and anxiety disorders. The reason why I struggled with metal screaming was because I was self-conscious and anxious. I watched YouTube videos of rock and metal singers. They all seemed to flow with their voice effortlessly and immersed themselves in their performances. I did CBT exercises to reframe my self-limiting beliefs. Feeling more confident, I tried metal screaming again. To my surprise, it felt easy to get the sound I wanted.

I learnt all I could about CBT and meditation strategies. Using a psychology textbook as my reference, I created a system that turns performance anxiety into singing confidence. I followed that system religiously.

It wasn’t an easy process. I had to change the way I thought and acted so I was more aligned with the confident vocalist I wanted to be. Also, metal screaming required a different way of using the voice. It took me lots of trial and error to get it sounding and feeling right.

Eventually, I started to overcome my performance anxiety. I can now belt a high G5 easily. I now have a 3-octave vocal range. Metal screaming feels easier than before. When I perform rock songs, I feel more authentic because I’m in the moment. There’s a sense of freedom when channeling my emotions through my voice. I even started doing live online music shows for my fans.

After ‘finding’ my voice, I feel more confident as a person. I’m more motivated than ever to achieve my goal of becoming a professional rock musician. Singing is now a source of pride and joy that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Even If You Only Want to Sing as a Hobby and You Want to Do 'Regular' Singing


Ok I hear you! 
You only want to sing for fun and for your own enjoyment.

And you just want to sing ‘regularly’ but not screaming your lungs out.

And that’s totally fine!

Because when work on your vocal skills AND manage your performance anxiety in tandem, your enjoyment of singing goes up.

You’ll gain control of your voice and sing with confidence!


This is my private student, Hayley. We were working on a technique to sing to the top of her range! Watch it - it's cool.


Ok, You're a Smart Person So You Probably Have Some Doubts...

Common Question #1: Can I Really Learn to Sing on My Own?


A lot of what I know about singing was self taught.


I learnt from books and videos. I learnt from practicing the techniques and from making lots of mistakes along the way.


Singing is all about trial and error.


I figured if I could make all the mistakes I could make and learn from them, then my performances would be great.


When learning from a vocal coach, I’d feel anxious if they were someone I didn’t have a rapport with. Also, I was someone who had a lot of questions. I felt bad asking too many questions.


I felt like I could find the answers I needed through research and just experimenting with the things I learnt.


I’d also do a lot of self analysis by recording my own singing and playing them back immediately.


Sometimes, I’d spend hours in front of the mirror to check if I was doing the techniques right.


Doing my own research and practicing on my own gave me confidence because I knew my foundation was strong and I had control of my own learning.

As a beginner, it’s totally fine to start this journey on your own.

Using self monitoring strategies and following proper (and structured) guidance, you can make good progress.

As you get a feel for your voice and how singing ‘works’, you’ll be so much more confident if you want to work with a coach later on.

Common Question #2: Do I Have the Talent to Sing?


It’s probably hard for you to believe but if you can speak, you can sing.

Yes, your voice is unique and doesn’t sound like your favorite singer. You do have your own strengths that you can develop into your own unique vocal signature.

You may be a low voice and your favorite singer is a high voice. Your voice will sound different but if you develop the notes in your range to their fullest potential, I promise you’ll sound great in your own unique way.

If you can speak in a clear tone (can be high or low pitch) and it doesn’t hurt when you’re speaking, it means your vocal folds (vocal cords) are healthy. They’re just not conditioned/strong enough yet for you to produce a pleasant tone or be consistently in tune when you’re singing. The good news is: if you train your voice, it will get stronger!

Common Question #3: How Can I Be More Confident to Sing in Front of People?


You do that by combining psychology and meditation strategies with vocal skills training.

It means you should work on building a strong foundation in vocal technique while regulating your nervous system, so that your body can implement vocal technique effectively.

This is how you increase your self-efficacy (how well you think you can do something) in singing. This is how you can have the confidence sing in public.



Shower to Stage Academy

Go From Shower to Stage:

A 3-Step Program to Help You Gain the Vocal Skills and Confidence to Sing in Front of People - Faster Than You Think - Without Risking Embarrassment or Spending $$ on Private Lessons

(This Works Even If You Only Sing in the Shower and You Don't Like How You Sound)

The Academy Core Modules ($997 value)


Step 1

The Fundamentals of Singing

  • Build a solid foundation in singing by learning and applying the complete breathing technique and the Open Throat Concept - and singing will start to 'feel' easier
  • Get your songs sounding superb by following my step-by-step song learning method

Step 2

The Inner Game of Singing

  • Boost your courage and confidence with my 6-part inner game system that incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and meditation strategies
  • Get to the root of your performance anxiety while keeping your anxiety symptoms manageable - for lasting singing confidence

Step 3

Get Ready For Your First (Jaw-Dropping) Performance

  • Get ready for a jaw-dropping performance - this is when everything you've learnt comes together (with a sprinkling of stagecraft)
  • Know how to pick the best time, place and audience for your first ever public performance - so that you'll enjoy your performance as much as your audience

The Bonuses


Bonus #1

Vocal Practice Package

$69 value

A Toolkit For Successful Vocal Practice and Guaranteed Progress

  • Everything you need to make sure you're practicing the right things, the right way
  • Make vocal practice feel less like a chore and more like a part of your everyday life

Bonus #2

Top Secret Inner Circle

$237 value

Live & Direct Access to Benny Ng For Instant Answers, Motivation and Peace of Mind

  • Monthly Group Q&A and Motivation Sessions
    • You'll get an exclusive Zoom link
    • Free your mind and keep your motivation high
    • Go through techniques you don’t understand
    • Go through common mistakes and how to fix them
    • Connect with other like-minded singers and support each other
    • Be part of an exclusive club

Bonus #3

Singing Confidence Booster

$89 value

The Shower Singer’s Booster For Singing Confidence - Break Your Self-Limiting Beliefs and Reach Your Full Vocal Potential

  • Worksheets, flashcards, audio guided exercises and sessions to boost your singing confidence on-the-go

Jess S went from shower to stage

Everything you get when you enrol:

  • Shower to Stage Academy Core Modules ($1997 value)
  • Bonus #1: Vocal Practice Package ($69 value)
  • Bonus #2: Top Secret Inner Circle ($237 value)
  • Bonus #3: Singing Confidence Booster ($89 value)

Total Value: $2392

Because I'm excited to welcome you into the academy, you can enrol TODAY for just...

Payment Plan

$160/month x 2

2 monthly payments. Price in USD

  • All Modules (Each Module Unlocked Weekly)
  • Vocal Practice Package
  • Top Secret Inner Circle
  • Singing Confidence Booster
  • Lifetime Access
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

One Payment


Cheapest Option. Price in USD

  • All Modules (Each Module Unlocked Weekly)
  • Vocal Practice Package
  • Top Secret Inner Circle
  • Singing Confidence Booster
  • Lifetime Access
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If You Were to Take Private Lessons...


If you were to get private lessons from a vocal coach, it’d cost you at least $60/hour. Lessons are usually done weekly to get the best results… and it’d probably take you months, if not years, to master the techniques…


Quick math: $60 x 4 weeks x 6 months = $1440


But for just 297, you get to have all the tools and learning material you need to build a solid foundation in singing and turn performance anxiety into singing confidence.

You've Got 2 Choices


  1. You do nothing and get on with your life. 10 years from now, your singing doesn’t improve and you continue to let performance anxiety control you
  2. You take a leap of faith (backed by a 14-day guarantee) and see where this academy takes you (hint: you will level up your singing game, that’s for sure) 


My #Shower2Stage 14-Day Money Back Guarantee to You


If you’re not sure about Shower to Stage Academy because you don’t think you have the time or the talent, or because you’d tried other courses and they didn’t get you the results you wanted, I want to give you the green light to go for Shower to Stage Academy.

I’m confident that you will absolutely benefit from this program and experience a boost of courage and confidence that stays with you for life. That’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to have a go at the academy lessons for a full 14 days. Watch how you become more confident as you learn and apply the techniques and strategies you learn in the academy.

If you're thinking: "This all sounds amazing, Benny, but I'm still not sure..."


Well, I'm going to say that Shower To Stage Academy will be a good match for you if...

You've always wanted to learn singing but are too afraid to sing in front of a vocal coach. You know you can sing well if you can learn how to do the proper vocal techniques correctly - and do it on your own while still getting guidance and feedback. This way, you can finally get to know what your voice is capable of.

You want to be admired by your friends and family - not just because you can sing well, but also because you have the courage to sing your heart out in front of them.

Singing has always been something you wish you could master. You don't have the need to be great but just good enough to be able to sing your favorite songs (and like the sound that comes out of your mouth).

You're excited to give the 3-step process a try and see how you go. With the 14-day money back guarantee, you have the peace of mind to finally give singing a go without risking embarrassment.



It’s your best friend’s birthday party and you’re doing a surprise performance.

Walking confidently onto the stage, you say a few words into the mic and the music starts.

All eyes and ears on you now. You open your mouth to sing the first line and you hear gasps in the audience.

“Who is this singer?”, they thought.

You flow from one line to the next with all the volume changes just as you rehearsed.

Your voice jumps from low to high then back to low again with ease.

Building up to the chorus, you start to sing quicker and louder.

At the climax of the song, you belt out the familiar chorus effortlessly as the audience sways their body and nods their head.

For a moment, there was something magnetic between you and the audience.

When you finish your song, you hear a thunderous applause. Your best friend  comes up to the stage and gives you a big hug.


Let me help you make that happen. Join me and your fellow shower singers in Shower To Stage Academy!

Payment Plan

$160/month x 2

2 monthly payments. Price in USD

  • All Modules (Each Module Unlocked Weekly)
  • Vocal Practice Package
  • Top Secret Inner Circle
  • Singing Confidence Booster
  • Lifetime Access
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

One Payment


Cheapest Option. Price in USD

  • All Modules (Each Module Unlocked Weekly)
  • Vocal Practice Package
  • Top Secret Inner Circle
  • Singing Confidence Booster
  • Lifetime Access
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Henry David Thoreau said: “Most men [and women] lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

Let this be your sign to develop your voice to its fullest potential! I’ve been teaching singing lessons for over a decade. I can tell you the student who progresses the most isn’t the one who is the most talented, but the one who persisted in spite of challenges.

I truly believe everybody has the ability to develop their singing voice to its fullest potential. The roadblocks are different for each individual, but the most common ones are not knowing where to start and being too anxious to get started.

The Open Throat Concept is the perfect place to start because it lets you build a solid technical foundation (and it’s been proven through hundreds of years of evolution).

If you’re too anxious to sing in front of a singing teacher, then an online video course is the perfect place to start your training. You can do it at your own pace and in private.

Once you’ve completed the modules of the academy, your performance anxiety will be a thing of the past.

No more lip syncing birthday and Christmas songs because you’ll be belting out your favorite songs anytime and (almost) anywhere. Heads will turn and eye brows will raise. Only this time, they are admiring you.

So… I’ll see you inside?

Payment Plan

$160/month x 2

2 monthly payments. Price in USD

  • All Modules (Each Module Unlocked Weekly)
  • Vocal Practice Package
  • Top Secret Inner Circle
  • Singing Confidence Booster
  • Lifetime Access
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

One Payment


Cheapest Option. Price in USD

  • All Modules (Each Module Unlocked Weekly)
  • Vocal Practice Package
  • Top Secret Inner Circle
  • Singing Confidence Booster
  • Lifetime Access
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

"The singing techniques are very informative and fun to do… it’s really exciting when you see the progress you’ve made over the course from when you started…"

- Jess Saxton

"I never used to sing in front of people… only by myself in the shower or in my bedroom. 

Being a part of this course has been a big help… me gaining confidence in my voice and improve my abilities to sing better and also learn the fundamentals and basics of singing. 

It does a really good job of explaining the techniques, how to find your range and activities for you to do throughout the week to implement your learning. 

One of the things that I love about it is that you can go at your own pace…"

- Mikaya Tegegn