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How to Find Like-Minded People Who Support Your Singing

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Do your family and friends support you in your singing?

Are they your cheerleaders?

Or do they make fun of you and try to put you down?

Learning to sing well is a difficult thing to do. Without a support network, it will feel like an uphill battle the whole way through.

If the people close to you do not support you, what do you do?

There are 2 steps you can take:

  1. Learn to deal with criticism and feedback (separating the constructive from the destructive)
  2. Find a support network

Learn to deal with criticism and feedback

This is something that affects singers deeply because when someone says something about our voice, it feels like they are judging us as a person.

Learning to separate the feedback from yourself as a person - and separating your voice from yourself as a person - is a great skill to have.

Your voice is a part of your body but look at your voice as an instrument instead.

An instrument you are learning to play.

When you get feedback, take constructive feedback on board and reframe destructive feedback.

Find a support network


I am lucky that my family fully supports my singing endeavours.

However, when I moved to Australia by myself, I found that my support network was gone.

Eventually, I started posting singing videos on Instagram and got supportive comments from my followers.

It encouraged me to keep practicing singing and improving my voice.

One of my students told me that her family did not support her in her singing.

She was a gamer and would frequently play computer games with a group of friends.

She also did a weekly group fitness class with some like-minded people.

One day, I suggested that she sang a song in front of her friends.

Her friends were quite impressed and supportive. It gave her the confidence she needed to keep pursuing her musical goals.

Supportive people tend to be like-minded people, but they do not have to be the same sex as you.

Friends of the opposite sex can also be surprisingly supportive, in my experience.

I assume it is also because you will not be seen as a competitor but a friend.




Your support network does not have to be the people closest to you.

Look around and you will find your cheerleaders to help you become the best singer you can be.


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