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Think Singing Lessons Are Too Expensive?

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Do you think singing lessons are too expensive for you?

Was that why you’ve been looking up free singing tutorials on YouTube?

Did they help?

Maybe they sometimes confuse you more than helping?

You may be in high school and your parents aren’t willing to pay for singing lessons (since you’re already taking guitar and drum lessons).

You may be studying at university and your budget is small.

You may be working full time but you have lots of bills to pay.

You may be retired but your retirement fund is limited.

If you are serious about getting better at singing - whether you want to be an amateur or a professional - I want you to find a way to come up with the money.

Of course, this is easier said than done but look at it this way: if you practice the wrong way, you’re going to pick up bad habits.

Bad habits are hard to correct.

Not to mention, your progress will be slow.

When I was still a university student, I wanted to learn how to do metal screaming properly. This was extreme vocals. I was afraid of hurting my voice.

I looked up metal screaming coaches online and found Melissa Cross. She was based in New York and charged over $300/hour for online lessons.

I decided her lessons were worth it if they could help me gain the correct screaming technique and avoid any vocal damage.

I  had to cut back on living expenses for a few months.

I was so glad that I did that because of the time I saved by listening to her feedback and guidance.

The same goes for other styles of modern singing.

When you get quality instruction from a qualified coach, you are going to be far better off than watching free tutorials on YouTube or learning from your singer friend.

If you are not able to get private lessons, take online singing courses to get you started.

Think of it as testing the waters to see if you are really interested in singing, before committing to long term private lessons.

By the way, if you only sing in the shower or when you’re alone… and you want to be good enough to sing in front of people one day, my Singing Confidence Academy can help you do that. Find out more here >>

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