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Does Overnight Success Exist in Singing? If So, How Can You Achieve It? beginner singer motivation singing journey

Do you believe in overnight success?

I don’t.

The overnight success that you see are people who slugged it out day in, day out, making small progress that eventually became one big success.

You don’t see the hard work behind the scenes.

The same goes for singing.

Yes, there are naturally...

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Learning to Sing = Losing Your Natural Voice? natural voice singing tutorial
Will you lose your natural/unique voice if you take singing lessons?
The short answer is no.
If anything, it’ll actually make your ‘natural’ voice sound better.
What do I mean by ‘natural’ voice?
Some people have a natural huskiness when...
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Are You Singing Too Softly? beginner singer singing tutorials
“You’re singing too softly”
“Sing louder!”
Has anyone ever said that to you?
Probably not if you are a low voice.
But if you are a high voice, you’ve probably heard that before.
Should you be singing loudly?
Well, volume is...
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Stop Losing Your Voice Again - How You Can Take Care of It Well voice care

The voice is unlike any other instrument. It is a part of your body. When your body is unwell, your instrument becomes unwell too.

As a singer, you’re a vocal athlete.

The capacity of the voice to express a wide range of tone color and emotions is huge.

If you have a $10,000 guitar,...

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Should You Practice Singing? What If You're Practicing the Wrong Way? How Would You Know? practice singing tutorials
To practice or not to practice?
What if you practice and you’re doing it the wrong way? What if it becomes a bad habit?
Is it better not to practice? But how would you get better if you don’t practice?
This is a common concern of a lot of beginner singers.
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Out of Time? No Room or Privacy? Here's How You Can Make Singing Practice a Part of Your Everyday Life audiation practice vocal warm-up

One of the things that I often hear from students is: they find it difficult to fit singing practice into everyday life.

They would always have the best intentions to practice but for one reason or another, it doesn’t happen.

Usually, the reason is one or more of the following:
1. Time

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If You Don't Blend Your Voice, It Will Sound Squeally/Shouty or Break When You're Singing. How Do You Blend Your Voice? blending vocal registers voice break


You’re singing a song with notes that jump around from high to low. When you’re singing those notes, the tone of your voice changes dramatically. Your voice may also break or become airy/breathy when singing the high notes.

Sound familiar?

A very common concern of singers is ...

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How to Handle Criticism of Your Singing Voice - Story and 3-Step Process handling criticism singing tutorials


Recently, I posted a 1-min video of me singing on Instagram.
I was pretty happy with my performance. I also got positive feedback from my followers.
So, I decided to take it one step further. I paid a channel to showcase my video.
I woke up the next day and checked my...

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Will You Be a Good Singer? The Answer May Surprise You good singer motivational
A lot of people don’t. And it’s not because they’re not talented or are tone deaf.
It’s because they don’t put in the hard work and they don’t have the patience to soldier through the early stages of learning to sing.
Through my years of...
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Breathe In Through Nose = Bad For Singing? breathing technique open throat
When you do yoga or sports, breathing in through the nose is good.
It hydrates the air and is probably more efficient.
When singing, we generally want to breathe in through the mouth.
Yes, the air will be dryer.
But doing this helps you to:
Get your...
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How to Choose the Right Song For Your Voice So That You Can Sing It Well choose the right song find your range repertoire song selection vocal range

Importance of Choosing the Right Songs

Your song choice can make or break your performance/enjoyment of the song.

You need to choose the right song for your voice so that:

  • You won’t hurt your voice while singing
  • You’ll enjoy singing the songs more because they’re achievable
  • ...
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Reality Check - Is That How Your Voice Really Sounds? How to Manage Your Expectations beginner singer goal setting manage expectations motivation recording your singing
When you’re new at something, you often don’t know what to expect or how well you’re going to do at it. You’re feeling a mixture of excitement, enthusiasm and anxiety.
When you’re new at singing, you’re often enthusiastic about it. You’re...
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