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Do These 5 Steps to Play Guitar/Piano While Singing Like a Pro

playing guitar and sing playing piano and sing song learning method


First of all, you should only play another instrument while singing if you can play that instrument or sing reasonably well.

That means you should be able to sing pretty well OR play guitar/piano pretty well (without having to think too much about your technique).

If not, I would not recommend you to accompany yourself while singing.

Singing a song well is hard enough. If you also have to play an instrument that you do not know well, then you are setting yourself up for frustration.




I believe in chunking when it comes to learning something new.

Chunking means you break down what you are learning, into small and manageable parts.

This way, you do not get overwhelmed. You will actually learn it much more quickly too.

When you are learning to sing a song while accompanying yourself on a guitar/piano, I want you to learn the vocals and instrumental parts separately.


5-Step Process For Learning to Sing + Play Guitar/Piano


Step 1: Learn to sing the song well

Learn the lyric, melody and rhythm separately. This is covered in Singing Confidence Academy.

Step 2: Play the chords only (along with the track)

With the original track (for the song you are learning) playing in the background, play only the chords/accompaniment, along with the track. This helps you to play in time and to make sure you are playing the right chords.

Step 3: Play the chords + hum (along with the track)

With the original track playing in the background, play the chords while humming along with the melody. Instead of singing the words, you hum along with the track.

Step 4: Play the chords + sing (along with the track)

With the original track playing in the background, play the chords while singing the song. Sing the words this time.

Step 5: Play the chords + sing (without track but with metronome)

With a metronome ticking in the background, play the chords and sing! When you feel confident you can play in time, turn off the metronome. You are now ready to play guitar/piano while singing your song!




My private students have gotten good results using this method.

Eventually, your song learning process will be streamlined when you get better at it.

Try it and see how you go!


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