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Do These 5 Steps to Play Guitar/Piano While Singing Like a Pro accompaniment playing guitar and sing playing piano and sing song learning method


First of all, you should only play another instrument while singing if you can play that instrument or sing reasonably well.

That means you should be able to sing pretty well OR play guitar/piano pretty well (without having to think too much about your technique).

If not, I would not...

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Why Does Your Voice Crack When Singing? Will It Hurt Your Voice? vocal folds vocal registers voice cracking


Voice cracking is one of the most embarrassing that can happen to you as a singer.

Your voice may crack for different reasons.


Puberty/growing up


If you are going through puberty, around 11-16 for girls and around 10-17 for boys, a cracking voice is a part of everyday life.


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Onset Exercises For Singing - What are They? onset vocal exercises

"Onset" means the beginning of something.

"Onset" in singing means how you begin singing a note.

It has to do with how much breath you are using to sing and how well you close your vocal folds.

More info coming soon.

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Setting Goals and Making Action Plans to Fast Track Your Singing 12 week plan action plan goal setting singing practice

If you want to gain singing confidence, whether it’s singing better for yourself or singing in front of people - you need to set goals.

At the start of the year, I started to set goals for all of my private students.
Whether they were 6 or 63... I helped them set yearly goals and...

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When is the Right Time to Record Yourself Singing? beginner recording your own voice self monitoring skills


Should you record yourself singing?

Many people shudder at the thought of that.

Myself included - for a very long time.

The answer depends on what level your singing ability is at.

If you’re a total beginner and you’ve never recorded yourself singing before, I wouldn’t...

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How You Speak Affects How You Sing - Your Accent Matters More Than You Think accent articulation articulators pronunciation tongue

Assuming you’re singing in English, your accent may be making it hard for you to sing with confidence.

This happens even if you’re a native English speaker.

I’ve worked with students from different parts of America, England, Australia, Asian and European countries.


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How Long Would It Take You to Be a Good Singer? beginner singer practice singing journey

How long does it take for someone to be a good singer?

First of all, we need to define what “good” is.

I guess it’s better to rephrase it to "becoming the best singer you can be”.

It will depend on your previous experience, training and physical features (related to the...

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How to Remember Lyrics of the Songs You Sing remember the lyrics song learning


Get to know the story of the song


What is it about? What is the character going through?

Every well written lyric is like a monologue (one person talking) or mini movie script.

Monologues are what actors perform at auditions. They would talk to themselves or an imaginary person in...

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Does Overnight Success Exist in Singing? If So, How Can You Achieve It? beginner singer motivation singing journey

Do you believe in overnight success?

I don’t.

The overnight success that you see are people who slugged it out day in, day out, making small progress that eventually became one big success.

You don’t see the hard work behind the scenes.

The same goes for singing.

Yes, there are naturally...

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Learning to Sing = Losing Your Natural Voice? natural voice singing tutorial
Will you lose your natural/unique voice if you take singing lessons?
The short answer is no.
If anything, it’ll actually make your ‘natural’ voice sound better.
What do I mean by ‘natural’ voice?
Some people have a natural huskiness when...
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Are You Singing Too Softly? beginner singer singing tutorials
“You’re singing too softly”
“Sing louder!”
Has anyone ever said that to you?
Probably not if you are a low voice.
But if you are a high voice, you’ve probably heard that before.
Should you be singing loudly?
Well, volume is...
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Stop Losing Your Voice Again - How You Can Take Care of It Well voice care

The voice is unlike any other instrument. It is a part of your body. When your body is unwell, your instrument becomes unwell too.

As a singer, you’re a vocal athlete.

The capacity of the voice to express a wide range of tone color and emotions is huge.

If you have a $10,000 guitar,...

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