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Masterclass Series: How to Fix Common Singing Mistakes and Sing With Confidence (Part 3)

masterclass series: fixing common singing mistakes phrasing sirening vocal warm-up


In this masterclass series, you'll learn how to fix common mistakes singers make and gain instant confidence in your singing voice.


Part 3 - Sirening, Phrasing


  • What is it?
  • Why do it?


  • Going too fast
  • Not going into falsetto
  • Not being able to sustain trills
  • Not going low or high enough
  • Moving your head


  • Lack of laryngeal mobility
  • Lack of articulators agility
  • Using too much breath/doing it too forcefully
  • Lips too tight or loose
  • Not letting your voice flip into falsetto


  • Go slower
  • Do sirening everyday
  • Do articulators exercises
  • Use just enough breath
  • Pick a point on the wall (move your voice, not your head)
  • Go into falsetto (make it fade away/softer/top of head)



  • What are phrases?
  • What is phrasing?


  • Choppy lines
  • Running out of breath


  • Not flowing with your vowels
  • Over-enunciating consonants


  • Speak lyric while making vowels longer
  • Pulling spaghetti out of mouth


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