Did you know  90% of people who think they can't sing actually HAVE the talent but just DON'T KNOW what they're doing wrong and how to fix it?

Hi, I’m Benny Ng!

  • Rock vocalist
  • Songwriter
  • Singing teacher with 4 university degrees in music (Sydney Conservatorium of Music)
  • Multiple-time Amazon bestselling author

I’m going to tell you a secret that will transform your singing forever...

How a clueless university student helped hundreds of people sing with confidence using a 900-year-old vocal technique

What if I told you there's a secret technique/concept can solve almost all the vocal issues you're having?

I've been showing this secret concept to my students for over 10 years, I'm always amazed by how it turns them into confident singers almost instantly!

Once you understand and apply this concept to your singing, you’ll gain full control of your voice and sing with over-the-top confidence.

People will stop what they’re doing and listen to you. They can’t help but get goosebumps from hearing you sing.

Ordinary people and amateur singers have used this concept to go from “can’t carry a tune in a bucket” to singing in front of many people and feeling proud of their own singing voice.


No matter how much you hate your singing voice or how bad of a singer you think you are…

  • Even if you only sing when you’re alone or in the shower
  • Even if you’ve given up hope of ever becoming a good singer
  • Even if you think you can’t sing to save your life
  • Even if people have told you that you’re a hopeless singer

… it doesn’t matter.

Once you’ve drilled this vocal technique into your muscle memory, you’ll flip the switch and feel like your voice just flows out of you without you having to do anything.

Singing will no longer feel like a hardcore workout… or a walk of shame.

Your voice will feel like it’s a natural part of you... and singing becomes an expression of who you really are.

You’ll be singing all your favourite songs... and instead of feeling like people are judging you… you’ll feel like they’re admiring you.

Or even jealous of you…

People will see you in a new light… even if they don’t say it out loud…

You will be a ROCK STAR.


So… what is this secret concept?

Well, this concept isn’t new.

It’s been around for almost a millennium (1000 years).

It comes from the period of Classical singing. Or old school operatic singing.

Singers have been using this concept to sing with complete freedom and amazing projection without hurting their voice.

The cool thing is: It can be adapted for modern/contemporary singing and it works wonders.

Professional singers (Adele, Michael Buble, Chester Bennington, Dave Grohl, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande…) all use this concept to sing show after show in front of thousands of people.

This concept is called: “The Open Throat Concept”.

I believe this is the key to solving 90% of your vocal issues and so you can become the best singer you can be.

If you want to sing with your own authentic voice (and not copying someone else’s vocal style), this concept can help you do that.

You’ll increase your range instantly (usually in 5 minutes) and sing with an open and strong tone without straining your voice.

You’ll sing more in tune and your words will sound a lot smoother and clearer.

And it will all feel effortless.

Heads will turn and jaws will drop.

People will be shocked at how much you’ve improved in such a short period of time.

You’ll grin from ear to ear because you know a secret that only elite singers have access to.

How can this be possible?

It’s because your voice works just like other acoustic instruments such as the guitar, flute, recorder, tuba…

When there is more resonating space in the instrument, you'll get a louder, more resonant sound which means more projection.

A guitar is louder than a ukulele because the body of a guitar is bigger and has more resonating space.

Your voice works the same way. There are parts of your mouth and throat you can control to get more space.




That means your voice will be a guitar and not a ukulele.

You’ll get more sound with less effort.

When they want to get more sound, most singers push with more breath/air, instead of making more space in their mouth and throat.

This is like strumming the ukulele harder to get a louder sound, when the wiser thing to do is to play a guitar instead.

Strum the ukulele hard enough and the strings will break.

And pushing with too much breath is one of the main reasons why singers get vocal damage.

The best way for you to understand how you can use the Open Throat Concept is to see how it had worked for my real-life private students.


Meet my student, Charlotte.

Charlotte is an easygoing girl. She doesn’t describe herself as an outgoing person although she does enjoy socializing.

She was a beginner singer with a high voice when she started lessons with me.

She liked to sing for fun but didn’t know how to do it the right way.

She felt like she sounded bad and was anxious to sing in front of people because of that.

She wanted to sing along with her favourite songs without sounding horrible.

She could sing mostly in tune and in time.

The tone color of her voice was warm and resonant in her lower register (low notes).

In her upper register (high notes), she sounded breathy and light (lacking projection).  She said her voice would get ‘stuck’ or even crack when singing high notes. She’d feel a choking sensation in her throat.

During Charlotte’s first lesson, I gave her an overview of the Open Throat Concept. I showed her a technique called “Hot Fries”.

It helped her to get a big mouth space.

5 minutes later, we applied that technique to a simple vocal exercise and she sang up to a high E5 easily.

She was shocked.

“I haven’t been able to sing that high since I was a kid!”

Naturally, she was hooked.

I showed her the next 4 parts of the Open Throat Concept over the next 6 weeks.

Not only could Charlotte now sing up to G5 (which is the top of a soprano’s range), her voice sounded so much freer and smoother throughout her entire vocal range!

Since she was supporting her voice so well, we started to work on blending her voice and her high notes were now sounding stronger than ever.

She even sang at her best friend’s birthday party recently!


Now, I want you to meet Eddie.

Eddie is a low male voice and he can get loud pretty quickly and easily.

He had sung in front of friends and family over the years and sometimes on karaoke nights at the bar.

He could sing in tune and he tried really hard to keep it that way.

He’s afraid of losing control of his voice so he pushed with his breath quite hard when he sang.

He also did that to get more projection.

For Eddie, singing felt like a hardcore workout.

People would tell him that he sounded good but he felt like there’s something wrong physically when he sang.

His voice would get sore after singing and sometimes he’d even lose his voice for a few days.

Recently, he noticed his voice would get tired after singing just one song. There’s also huskiness that wasn’t there before.

So, he contacted me for singing lessons.

“My voice is really loud… I feel like I couldn’t get to the high notes…”

I told him that he sang with a “pressed voice”. He was trying to get the sound he wanted by pushing with too much air instead of using more space.

He’d yell the high notes because that’s the only way he knew how to sing them.

I had to de-construct his voice by first getting him to sing lightly.

I took Eddie through the Open Throat Concept.


Gradually, he knew how to make more space in his throat and mouth when he was singing.

His voice was unstable at first but once he got the hang of the techniques, he said he felt like he’s “not straining as much”.

6 weeks later, he could sing in falsetto really well and got rid of his pressed tone.

His voice was agile and now singing was effortless.

He no longer felt he had to do special things to sing.

His voice just flowed out of him when he opened his mouth to sing.

To make his voice sound stronger, I showed him how to blend his voice.

Eddie can now support his big voice consistently because of the Open Throat Concept.

He can now belt out high notes, and still have a voice the next day!


Being able to sing with confidence comes down to having more space in your throat and mouth - but how do you create more space?

If you’re going through the same circumstances, it’s not your fault.

Learning to sing is a very complex and abstract thing to do…

Your voice is an instrument… but how can you learn to play something you can’t see or touch?

Imagine yourself playing the piano in the dark… while standing 5 feet away from it.

Yes, some people are more vocally talented than others.

But you’re also born with a voice.

And if your voice is healthy (not hoarse or sore) and you can speak without your voice hurting, then you can learn to be the best singer you can be.

You just need to know what to do and how to do it.

The Open Throat Concept is where you start.

When you're singing, you need to get the sound you want by making more resonating space and not by pushing with more breath/air.

To help you understand this, let’s talk a little bit about the vocal anatomy.

Your voice is a wind instrument.

Air coming from your lungs vibrate your vocal folds/vocal cords at the frequency of the pitch/note you're singing.

When you sing an A4 (440Hz), your vocal folds will be vibrating 440 times per second.

The surface of our vocal folds is thinner than the skin on the back of our hands.

Vocal damage will happen very quickly if you use too much breath to vibrate your vocal folds (pushing with too much air).

If you don’t want to hurt your voice, then you need to create more space in your throat and mouth to get a clear, resonant sound.

When you do that, singing becomes so much easier because you suddenly have a bigger ‘instrument’ to play with.

Back in 2011, I was a clueless university student.

Determined to unlock the secrets of the voice, I spent countless days and nights poring over scientific journals and technical textbooks searching for answers.


I wasn’t happy with my singing voice so I wanted to do something about it badly.

Hundreds of pages later, I discovered a common theme about this concept.

I studied more about it and started applying it to my singing.

The darkness dissipated as I gained more and more control of my voice.

I knew I was onto something!


I decided to show the concept to the students I was teaching at that time.

To my amazement, each and every one of them improved their singing voice instantly!

That’s when I knew this secret concept really worked.

I became obsessed with finding out all I could about it.

I realized the concept needed to be organized in a way that anyone could understand quickly.

It needed to work for modern/contemporary music genres without going too deep into vocal anatomy.

Most of all, the concept must be easy to apply when singing, and feel completely natural at the same time.

So, I planned each and every lesson I taught and laboriously took notes of my students’ progress.

I’d experiment with the best way to show the concept so my students would get the best results.

I’d add more exercises and explanation to the parts where my students got confused.

I’d cut out unnecessary details that complicated the concept.

99% of the time when my students had a breakthrough in their singing, it was because of the Open Throat Concept.

And every time it happened, I could see their face light up like they discovered something life-changing.

They would describe the experience as:

“Super radical”
“Leveling up”
“Feeling hopeful”
“Feeling accomplished”

It made them want to go on and learn even more about singing.

They felt like something clicked in their body and brain and it’s “exciting and rewarding to finally get it right”.

I knew I had to share this knowledge with as many singers around the world as I could.

For the past 10 years, I’ve shown the Open Throat Concept to hundreds of students aged 5-94, beginner to advanced.

These students:

  • Liked to sing but didn’t know how to control their voice
  • Felt people judging them when they were singing so they sang really softly or they didn’t sing at all
  • Didn’t like how they sounded
  • Watched YouTube videos but didn’t get anywhere
  • Felt like there was a part of them missing until they sorted out their singing

... and the transformation in their voice was absolutely incredible.

Students who came to me asking “Is there hope for me?” now have the confidence to sing in front of a cheering crowd.

Based on their amazing feedback and progress, I’ve refined and perfected how to teach every aspect of the Open Throat Concept.

I’ve added step-by-step instructions, in-depth explanation, bodily awareness exercises, muscle memory building exercises and vivid imageries, for each aspect of the concept.

And I put it all together into a complete program.

How to Have a Singing Voice You're Proud of by Gaining Control of Your Voice and Squashing Performance Anxiety - Faster Than You Think - Without Embarassment or Spending $$ on Private Lessons

(This Works Even If You Only Sing in the Shower and You Don't Like How You Sound)

This is a culmination of all my 19 years of hard work, personal singing and teaching experience.

I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in university tuition fees to gain this knowledge.

It’s a one of a kind program that lets you skip the confusion and frustration, and get to the core of vocal techniques that will turn you into a proud and confident singer.

Inside, I help you to intellectually understand how the techniques in the Open Throat Concept work…

And how to drill them into your muscle memory so they become a natural extension of your voice when you’re singing.

After learning and practicing these techniques, you’ll notice an instant change in how you voice feels and sounds.

You’ll start to:

  • Sing more in tune and in time
  • Sing with a more pleasant and open tone
  • Sing higher than ever before
  • Have control of your low and high notes
  • Manage your breath better than before

All doubts about your singing voice will start to fade away.

You’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel….

And finally see yourself as a singer.

This program is different from anything you may have tried before because it’s designed to help you understand, drill and apply the Open Throat Concept to your singing in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you.

The concept is presented to you in a logical progression from easy to advanced.

This way, you get plenty to work on each week, but not so much that you get overwhelmed.

You’ll learn the concept in the right order, at the right time, based on the feedback I got from hundreds of private students.

With over 5 hours of expert video training, it dives into the core of vocal technique, giving you unprecedented access to information that was once reserved to elite singers and singing teachers.

You’ll understand the inner workings of your voice, discover how to maximize the efficiency of your voice - by controlling different parts of your throat and mouth.

You’ll learn specific methods to make those techniques a part of you so you don’t have to think about them when you’re singing.

You’ll unleash the full potential of your voice and develop your own style of singing based on the natural strengths and qualities of your singing voice.

If you want to:

  • Sing along with your favorite songs without embarrassing yourself
  • Become a professional singer and perform show after show without losing your voice so you can make a living from it
  • Or even if it’s something you’re doing for yourself and you want to be good at it so it’s something you can be proud of

... Singing Confidence Academy will show you exactly how to make it a reality.

I’ve removed all the guesswork for you by giving you the exact formula that will get you guaranteed, almost immediate results in your singing.

After 10 years of showing this formula to my students, I’ve seen the incredible results they got from applying this concept.

I know it will work for you too even if you feel like you’ve tried everything.

Hear Me Sing


Watch Hailey Get to the Top of Her Range Using a Technique From Singing Confidence Academy


What Enrolled Students Say


"The singing techniques are very informative and fun to do… it’s really exciting when you see the progress you’ve made over the course from when you started…" - Jess Saxton

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Kristy James (Shape Music)

Award-winning singer/songwriter/singing teacher/music industry coach


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Professional singer


Bonus #1

Live Group Coaching Sessions: Live & Direct Access to Benny Ng For Instant Feedback, Quick Progress and Peace of Mind
  • 7 x 1-Hour Zoom Live Group Coaching Sessions
    • You'll get an exclusive Zoom meeting link
    • Go through techniques you don’t understand
    • Ask questions
    • Get instant feedback
    • Connect with other like-minded singers

VALUE: $500


Bonus #2

Inner Game of Singing: the Closet Singer’s Guide to Singing Confidence - Develop a Confident Mindset and Reach Your Full Vocal Potential
  • Overcoming Performance Anxiety Module
    • Why you feel anxious about singing
    • Field-tested anxiety management strategies
    • "Confidence Booster" for instant confidence
  • Positive Affirmations Worksheet
  • Visualization Scenarios and Guide
  • Confidence Booster (Audio Only Version)

VALUE: $200


Bonus #3

Vocal Practice Package: a Toolkit For Successful Vocal Practice and Guaranteed Progress
  • Vocal Warm-Up & Exercise Tracks
  • Vocal Warm-Up Session Planner
  • Practice Plans
  • Range-finding Videos

VALUE: $150


Bonus #4

Booster Modules: Effective Techniques and Exercises to Boost Your Singing to the Next Level
  • Tone Placement Module
    • How and where to place your voice to get maximum projection
    • Simple techniques for singing in a full tone and in falsetto
  • Articulators Exercises Module
    • Neck & jaw massage to release tension
    • Lips, tongue, jaw exercises to make your mouth more agile
    • Sing with clear pronunciation and excellent phrasing (like Adele & Frank Sinatra)
  • Singing in Tune Module
    • Why you sing out of tune
    • How to sing in tune
    • Ear training exercises

VALUE: $450


Bonus #5

Lifetime Updates: Extra Content For Free - For Life
  • You’ll be notified and get instant access when new content has been added to Singing Confidence Academy


 The Total Value of All These is $3,900... So Ask Yourself:

If this program lets you have the confidence to sing your heart out and do it safely with proper technique, would it be worth it?

If this program helps you sing with amazing vocal control and finally like the sound of your voice, would it be worth it?

If this program helps you stop feeling held back and embarrassed about your voice when you sing, would it be worth it?

My students said what I showed them was priceless because of the breakthroughs they had in their singing.

And many singers pay vocal coaches thousands of dollars to get results like these...

But I realized not many people have that much spare cash lying around and that’s okay.

I thought $997 would be a reasonable price point.

But then again, some younger singers who are just starting out in life could be missing out...

So I lowered it to $597.

But because you’ve come this far, I feel I should reward you.

I think you’re ready to fix your vocal issues and sing with confidence.


If you enrol today…


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When You Look Back, This Will Be The Moment That Changes Everything…

This is when things start falling into place for you.

You'll no longer be confused like you did before.

You won't feel stuck and frustrated like you did before.

You'll gain confidence and self assurance that becomes a permanent part of you.

Your control over your voice runs so deep that singing becomes a natural part of you...

Your friends and family will drop their jaw…

They’ll be stunned by how effortless singing seems to be for you.

You'll feel an intimate connection with your voice that you never had before...

You can now do things with your voice that you only dreamt of.

Your voice is now your pride and joy.

Important Info For Once You Enrol

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You're about to use your voice in ways you’ve never used it before...

You’re gaining control of your instrument - making you sound better than before.

As you apply the techniques, your range increases almost instantly...

You’re singing higher and the high notes suddenly feel easy.

The more you learn, the clearer things become...

For the first time, you know what you need to do to get the sound you want...

A new sense of freedom and happiness flows through you.


What Kind of Singer are You?

There are two types of singers in this world:

  • Singers who become confident in their voice because they’re brave enough to try
  • Singers who don’t... because [insert excuse here]

Singing Confidence Academy is for the singers who won't let their fear and anxiety stop them…

It’s for the singers who are ready to take action… so they can finally be proud of their voice #voiceproud

Are you ready to gain full control of your voice - sing in tune, in time and with a pleasant tone?

Are you ready to see the look on people’s faces and be praised for how well you sing?

Are you ready to finally fulfill your potential as a singer, enjoy singing to the fullest, find your voice and become the singer you’ve always wanted to be?

Mikaya Tegegn
"I enrolled into the Singing Confidence Academy 3 months ago. I never used to sing in front of people… only by myself in the shower or in my bedroom.

Being a part of this course has been a big help… me gaining confidence in my voice and improve my abilities to sing better and also learn the fundamentals and basics of singing.

It does a really good job of explaining the techniques, how to find your range and activities for you to do throughout the week to implement your learning.

One of the things that I love about it is that you can go at your own pace…"
Marilyn Walker
"The program covers many techniques which free you up to sing.
You may have thought that you couldn’t sing e.g. the higher notes or the lower notes for that matter but Benny has explained it very well in an easy to follow manner.
There are also activities to pursue through the week to help strengthen your voice and breathing muscles and bring confidence to all your performances.
The extras such as Vocal Warm Ups, Range Finding Videos and Practice Session Structure give you the confidence to formulate the best way to achieve you singing goals.
I would not hesitate to sign up to Benny’s Singing Confidence Academy, it just may change your life."

Hear Me Sing


Watch Hailey Get to the Top of Her Range Using a Technique From Singing Confidence Academy



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