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Learning to Sing = Losing Your Natural Voice?

natural voice singing tutorial
Will you lose your natural/unique voice if you take singing lessons?
The short answer is no.
If anything, it’ll actually make your ‘natural’ voice sound better.
What do I mean by ‘natural’ voice?
Some people have a natural huskiness when they sing. Some have a fuller/bigger voice.
There’s something unique about our voice that other people may not have.
If you’re afraid of losing that unique quality when you learn correct vocal technique, relax, you won’t.
You may have bad habits when you sing.
When you learn correct vocal technique, you may start to sing and sound a little differently.
This is normal.
You’re getting rid of bad habits and putting good ones in place.
During this process, there will be instability in your voice.
You’ll ‘lose’ your natural voice but only to gain it back later on when you have good technique.
I call this “de-constructing the voice”.
If your beautiful natural voice is not supported by the correct fundamental techniques, sooner or later, your voice will get damaged anyway.
So, having a solid foundation is always the best option.
The open throat concept is the perfect place to start. Download your free training package here.

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